Mobility of undergraduate and doctoral students

Below, please find the scholarship opportunities for a part of the education (studies/practical trainings/internships) addressed to undergraduate and doctoral students of higher education institutions.

1. Each educational trip must be agreed in advance with the home faculty. The departing person should obtain the following from the competent dean or head of doctoral studies, as appropriate:

  • a written consent to the trip and
  • an approval of the curriculum in the receiving institution.

The above mentioned documents should be kept in the undergraduate/doctoral student's file at the home faculty.

2. If the scholarship programme requires the applicant to send the application documents via the home institution, the applicant should submit a set of required documents to the International Mobility Unit to be transferred to the relevant institution reasonably in advance. 

3. Each program can have different application requirements. Recruitment for the subsequent academic year usually starts at least a few months in advance.

4. The International Mobility Department provides administrative support for trips of students/participants of doctoral studies in order to carry out part of their education (studies, internships) as well as their records. Each trip should be reported to the Department before its commencement, by providing copies of the documents indicated in point (a). 2.


programme / initiative name
basic assumptions
application dates
more information


International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience

  • programme of foreign apprenticeships (6-12 weeks) addressed to students of technical universities
  • the possibility to complete an apprenticeship in any country
November - January



  • an apprenticeship program at one of the leading companies in Japan
  • an offer for students of technical studies
  • 8-month apprenticeship in leading Japanese companies, i.e. Toschiba, Bosch Automotive Systems (Japan), Toyota, Honda
  • 4-month intensive Japanese course as a part of the scholarship
  • edition for each academic year
  • application deadline - 20th of January each year
  • the recruitment notice - September/October
  • a programme addressed to undergraduate and doctoral students enabling them to complete a part of their education at a partner institution (studies) or an external institution (apprenticeships)
  • trips possible to EU, EEA countries, Turkey
  • recruitment conducted at a home university
  • recruitment:
    • January - March
    • October


German Academic Exchange Service

Scholarships for undergraduate and doctoral students:

  • summer German courses
  • group trips to Germany
  • study visits for students and graduates
depending on the offer, many offers by 15.11 (the trip is in the subsequent academic year)


Information brochure for the academic year 2020/2021 (format:  pdf, rozmiar:  7.16 MB)

PLACEMENT UKAn offer of paid apprenticeships in the UKthe application deadlines specified in individual apprenticeship


The Association for Student Exchange in Central and Eastern Europe

Scholarships for undergraduate and doctoral students for one-term studies in Germany

The qualification procedure is carried out twice a year:

  • in spring - for the winter term
  • in autumn - for the summer term


National Agency for Academic Exchange

  • an offer of partial studies, apprenticeships, scientific and research placements
  • an offer resulting from signed bilateral agreements
  • a possibility of a trip to any country in the world
  • the offer for each academic year is published in autumn of the previous year
  • the application deadlines are specified in individual offers
NAWA for students
  • Graduate Student Award - Grants for Polish students interested in second and third cycle studies in the USA. The grant is awarded for the first year of Master's degree, doctoral or other studies leading to a diploma (e.g. Graduate Artist Diploma), with a possibility of extension for another year.
  • BioLAB - a one-year paid internship for students of biological sciences (biology, biochemistry, biotechnology, chemistry, physics, pharmacy, etc.) in four American scientific institutions (Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation, University of Chicago, University of Virginia, University of Texas - Southwestern Medical Centre)
  • recruitment for Graduate Student Award (studies beginning in the academic year 2019/2020) lasts until 28 April 2018
  • recruitment for BioLAB is announced in November and lasts until February of the following year. Recruitment for the academic year 2018/201has been completed
USA grants


Central European Exchange Programme for University Studies

The main idea of the program is to support academic exchange in the field of vocational training of students and academic teachers.
The offer addressed to undergraduate and doctoral students as well as scientific staff:
- short-term scientific placements as a part of "Academic networks"
- "Freemover" short-term scientific placements
- short-term summer schools and intensive courses
Current recruitments are announced on the website of the National Agency for Academic Exchange.






Bavarian Scholarship Programme

Scholarships for one-year Master's degree / doctoral studies or a research project

An offer open to graduates of minimum 1st cycle studies


Recruitment for the year 2019/2020 will be completed on 1 December 2018 (date of application receipt)



 Graduates interested in taking up doctoral studies abroad are also recommended the offer prepared by RCIiTT: